Welcome to the home of the Texas Turtles

  Never first ...
    Never last

The Turtles were launched on November 20, 2010 when Joanne, Gregg, Carole and Mary completed the Seawall Half Marathon in Galveston, Texas for Joanne's 50th birthday. Our goal is to inspire our friends and family to complete a half marathon with us. We work closely with our turtles in training to get them ready for the event and then walk with them the whole way! We believe that everyone should experience the joy of crossing the finish line and having the medal placed around their neck! This bale of Turtles is filled with wonderful, fun loving people who inspire each other. Turtle Pride"

The Texas Turtles are a group of walkers in the great state of Texas. Most of us are members of the Clear Lake Area Walking Group on Meetup.com (http://www.meetup.com/Clear-Lake-Area-Walking-Group)

Requirements to join the Texas Turtles are very stringent:

  • Want to have fun!
  • Walk a Half Marathon with the Master Turtle or the Marathon Master Turtle.